Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we partner with BiteSquad and Waiter on the Way for delivery service.

Why does your sushi take longer than other restaurants?

Some restaurants that pre-roll their sushi and slice it for customers after it is ordered. We strongly believe sushi should never be made that way. Everything is cooked to order. Our Damo Creation rolls have multiple layers of flavors. This takes time. We appreciate your patience in waiting for our fresh and carefully crafted food.

Shouldn’t I avoid eating fish on Mondays?

That may have been the case in the 1990s when access to fresh fish was limited to 5 day only delivery. Times have changed and deliveries happen every day. Even Anthony Bourdain (RIP) who began that mantra retracted this belief in the following article.

Why don’t you serve White Tuna like other sushi restaurants?

Ahh… White Tuna=Escolar. So fatty, so smooth, but so bad for your health. Japan banned the consumption of this fish even before the 1980s because it contains toxic and indigestible fat. Essentially, if you eat a generous quantity, your gut (and maybe even your favorite white jeans) will not be happy. Even though we make many customers upset by refusing to serve this fish at the sushi bar, customers’ health and well being is more important. Read article #1 and article #2 here.

Why does your miso soup taste different?

This is because we don’t take shortcuts. Our miso soup is made in the original & time-consuming way that they are used to doing in the finest restaurants in Japan. Dashi broth base is created by boiling real bonito for many hours. The hot broth (which has a smoky flavor because of the bonito) is poured through a sieve then mixed with miso paste. Most other restaurants will skip this essential step and mix water, dashi powder, and miso to make a 3 minute miso soup. Most customers who have lived or travelled extensively to Japan will immediately notice the difference.

I love sushi but my guests do not—what can they order?

We have something for everyone. Over half of our menu contains cooked options which are not limited to bacon-wrapped enoki bacon, tempura, filet mignon. We have several fully cooked sushi rolls such as the Ocean on the Vine which contains fully-cooked salmon tempura, shiso leaves, chili pepper, garlic, topped with lemon mayo, sundried tomatoes and kaiware sprouts.

Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes. We have a strong vegetarian customer following who visit us to order the Blooming Shiitake roll which contains sweet potato tempura & shiso leaves topped with shiitake, avocado, crispy chili-garlic, and lemon mayo and a side of yuzu vinaigrette dipping sauce. We even have a few vegan options such as the vegetarian plate.

Is your miso soup vegetarian?

Our miso soup is a bonito (fish)-based broth so it is not vegetarian.

Do you have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, we do have gluten-free menu items. We do not have a gluten-free work area, but if you come as our first customer for lunch or dinner and explain your restrictions, we will try our very best to limit our exposure to gluten or any other food products.

I have a dietary allergies—can I eat at your restaurant?

We are not equipped to guarantee zero exposure to any one food product such as shellfish, wheat, or nuts. Our oil is changed every day. If you give us advanced notice and explain to us how we can accommodate your restriction, we will do our utmost to honor your requests.